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Ulysse Nardin

When Rolf Schnyder procured Ulysse Nardin in 1985, the enterprise instantly improved its profile and collectors' eyebrows together with the very first piece in its Trilogy of Time, an acclaimed series of astronomical timepieces. More than 25 years down the road, Ulysse Nardin finds enthusiasm once more in the heavenly firmament for the Moonstruck, a timepiece that reflects the moon's various effects on earth. Dr. Ludwig Oechslin, who had been awarded the Special Jury Prize recently at the Grand Prix Horlogrie in Geneva, developed the Moonstruck's complex UN-106 movement. His design gives an accurate depiction of the moon's phases, but unlike other lunar indicators, the Moonstruck goes a step further by stimulating the moon and sun's relation to the globe. The complication even will allow anyone to surmise the present moon-phase for virtually every location on this planet.

The timepiece also showed the impression of lunar and solar gravitation on tides, showing their effects with regards to coastlines and seas. In fact, the Moonstruck is the first watch on earth to point the gravitational influences of both the moon and sun. Attaching another layer of functionality, the replica watch consists of pushers that swiftly change the hour hand forward and backward to allow time zones adjustments.

Set Ascending Direction

Set Ascending Direction