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The Glashutte Fake Genuine manufacture was previously subsumed in the VEB Glashutter Uhrenbetriebe, a grouping of Imitation Glashutte watchmakers and vendors who had been collectivized as part of the former East German system. After reunification, the business took up its old moniker of Glashutte Original, and then in 1995, the manufacture launched a completely brand-new collection. Later, it invested in the Union Glashutte brand. In 2000, the manufacture was sold to Swiss Swatch Group, that spent a sizeable total in production space expansion at Glashutte Original Headquarters. All movements were created by a team of experienced in-house technicians, even though the components comprising them with hardly any exclusions - including plates, screws, pinions, wheels, levers, spring barrels, balance wheels, and tourbillon cages are created in very modern production areas.

These elements are extravagantly done physically before being constructed by a group of talented watchmakers. In March 2010, the corporation won the wrist watch of the season Award presented through the German-language wristwatch industry publication Armbanduhren for just one of its latest creations, the Senator Chronometer. This is usually a large and trendy watch in a classic design. They additionally delivers second and minute hands that automatically get to zero as soon as the crown is removed, taking into account particularly accurate time setting.