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A new Swiss group The British Mastes has breathed completely new existence in to the old name Graham with extraordinary watch masterpieces. The moniker hails from about the most vital figures in the reputation watchmaking: the excellent George Graham wasn't precisely the namesake of the cylinder escapement through the eighteenth century, but seemed to be considered the inventor of the chronograph and may also justifiably be called probably the most important men in the history of watchmaking. Swiss Imitation Graham began doing work for the famous Thomas Tompion in 1695, but soon started his personal business together with the ambition of outdoing his master.

The majority of the wrist watches that have been made at this time deviate rate precision by as many as half an hour every day. Graham was among the first whose wrist watches did not deviate by countless second everyday. Graham even got the contract from the Greenwich Royal Observatory to generate its master clock. He was awarded with a Royal Society, a company that is originally reserved for doctors and astronomers purely.

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