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Striking, intense and outsized! You bet, it's as the developer belonging to the U-boat, Fontana would love us to check out this clock. What then certainly is the story behind these huge bells? For large they are. There are a few different models and sizes which range from 44-50 mm without crown, and you know that much of the crone contains a height and width of about 20-30 mm - so big these are. Why when these designer watches In 1942, Fontana was requested to form the bells to selected individuals within the countries. Sad to say, so scrapped that project and then there had not been delivery, all drawings and test specimens were saved, however, for approximately Six decades. Italo Fontana who had been the uncle from the initial founder in 2000 took up production again by the family''s dream U-boat. The bells really are a blend of elegant style and a cool power that enables individuals that carry a U-boat sticks out. It can not be anonymous and wear this type of clock it can be seen without difficulty.There is certainly, as I said a few different models but the most familiar model is probably Flight deck. It has large, clear figures and a large crown, that is definitely guarded by an even bigger screw that also stuck in a small buckle so as not to get rid of it when you're in the dark on his submarine. This is the very popular and there has been a series of cheap, ugly plagiarism that I have not even going to mention by name, there are also some "pimp / glitter" labels also would like to go on a U-Boat looks and reputationsU-boat watches are in price range 20-50 000, dependant upon the material and model it can be a bit difficult to acquire them out because the nearest dealer is in Denmark. I tested some of these watches when I was in Barcelona and it will be very impressed by how smooth and solid, and so they feel.

The bells aren't really at high level, which make them best for a shirt and jacket just like a t-shirt and jeans. Some evil tongues mention that the story above isn't true, but only one copy of some other manufacturer''s history, Panerai, to generate mystery throughout the U-boat. Actually, I will not care of it for the bells are cruelly lovely, and I hesitate not a second if I were expected to make a choice from the bells. I can easily take both U-BOATs Flightdeck 50 CAS Italo Fontana, the creator of U-boats, has joined forces with Mounir Moufarrige to promote the latest global watch brand. The initiator took Seven years to bring about the wrist watch U-Boat, using traditional methods, modelling manually every step and every characteristic. Dimension and accurate, and uniform identity design, offer unique parameters for reading the time in all light conditions. This Flightdeck that many of us present is usually an automatic chronograph with stainless case having diameter of 50 mm. Backed up with a day window hot fix has got the crown on the left side protected by a special safety latch. Black dial with creamy colored hands and numbers, Arabic numerals date at 9. The lower part is sealed with screws, obvious movement.

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